Bodo Studio is the most advanced phonological word list builder.

The perfect tool for Speech Language Pathologists, Educators, and Researchers.

Learn how Bodo Studio works

Ways to Search + Filter

Phonemes to EXCLUDE

Yes, you read that correct. Bodo Studio makes it possible to build word lists by selecting which phonemes to exclude.

Phonemes to INCLUDE

Build word lists by selecting individual phonemes you are looking for. Select from 24 consonants, 14 vowels, and 31 blends.

Phoneme position

Select the sound position for each phoneme: initial, medial, or final in the search.

Number of syllables

Filter the word list based on the number of syllables. Filter by 1 to 6 syllables.

Parts of speech

Search by common parts of speech such as nouns, vowels, adverbs, adjectives.

C-V Pattern

Search for words using progressive consonant-vowel patterns such as CV, VC, CVC, CVCV, CCVC, CVCC.

Try it out now

See it to believe it.

Try it out now

See it to believe it.